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Business Cards

Business Cards

Printing Business Cards in Bonn

Let us design and print your business cards. Whether as a single card, single-sided, double-sided or as a folding card. There are no limits to what you can do.

We can coat your cards with special lacquers: whether UV lacquer, glitter lacquer or exclusive scented lacquer for men, women or flowers. Fruits, spices or various woods are also available as scented varnish. There is something for everyone.

We print your business cards in the highest quality.

We design your business cards according to your wishes, ideas and templates. Of course, we are happy to assist you with creativity and ideas when it comes to the design of your products and will incorporate these as well. There are endless possibilities for design. Just try it out

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We are there for you when you need us:

A&A Digital Print Center
Franziskanerstr. 1
53113 Bonn
Phone: 0228 69 60 61
E-mail: [email protected]

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Data Sheet

You are welcome to download a data sheet for the design below

Visitenkarte 85 x 55 mm

Things to know about printing cards

About materials

In a size of 85 x 55 mm or 90 x 50 mm, materials with a thickness of 250 g/m² up to 300 g/m² can be printed.

Anything less than 250 g/m² would simply be too weak.
Material thicknesses would be 350 g/m² and 400 g/m² in white.
Of course, we also have natural paper in 300 g/m² both in natural cardboard cream and in recycled paper white. Linen paper and high-quality BioTop paper in a thickness of 250 g/m².

Please contact us for individual advice.

Exclusive Printing

You can print your business cards on one or both sides, whether you print in CMYK, add HKS colours or Pantone colours, or use gold or silver as a special colour is up to you.
Please understand that with the special colours only 350 g/m² paper is available.

Furthermore, you can finish your business cards with a partial varnish; here, too, only 350 g/m² paper is available.

We will be happy to advise you if you have any questions.