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Bachelor thesis binding Bonn, Binding of the bachelor thesis Bonn

Binding a bachelor thesis

We bind your bachelor thesis in a short time in Bonn

Bachelor thesis binding in Bonn – We print and bind your bachelor thesis in a short time.

Whether on 80, 100 or 120 gram premium paper, always in the highest quality in both colour and black and white. Our papers are always free of wood and acid and meet the requirements for long-lasting archiving.
for permanent archiving as they are resistant to ageing.

On request, we can carry out an optical data check. Whether the graphics are in order, the page numbers are placed and we will gladly print out a page with your worry graphics to give you certainty.

After you have checked a copy in print, we can bind your bachelor thesis according to your wishes and criteria.   

With a PDF file, the time required is not great at all. In a short time, your thesis will be printed and then bound. Furthermore, you should check whether the PDF file was created in A4 format. It rarely happens that the Bachelor thesis has been exported in US letter format and this leads to unwanted changes in the margins. 

If you intend to bring a Word file, this can be used for corrections. To avoid unwanted line breaks, we require a PDF/X-1a file.

Our bindings for you

Perfect binding or also called soft cover, fully meets the criteria. Both with printed cardboard and with a transparent film at the front.

Perfect binding or also called soft cover, fully meets the criteria. Both with printed cardboard and with a transparent film at the front.

available in plastic as well as in metal is often used for corrections so that the loose leaf collection does not cause chaos.

Do you have any questions about the product?

We are there for you when you need us:

A&A Digital Print Center
Franziskanerstr. 1
53113 Bonn
Phone: 0228 69 60 61
E-mail: [email protected]

Our opening hours for you

Montag – Freitag9:00 — 18:00
Samstag10:00 — 15:00

Frequently asked questions about binding the Bachelor thesis

What kind of files are needed?
It is best if you bring us a high-quality PDF/X-1a file in the final format on a USB stick.

Title printing
We can print or engrave the title of the thesis on the cover page, according to your binding preference.

Of course, you can also opt for a transparent cover. In this case, you can see through the first sheet, i.e. the title. You can choose a colour for the back page.

Printing or engraving the spine
From a certain thickness, the spine can be printed and, in the case of a hardcover binding, engraved.

Print sizes
We print your work in A4 as well as in A5. If you would like to have a special format, that is also no problem.

Edge distance
The edge distance should be at least 1.5 cm.

I would like to print the work myself!
You are welcome to print the work yourself and only have it bound by us. Please make sure that the pages are not creased or wavy, as this makes binding more difficult.

Unfortunately I am too late 🙁
Don’t panic and always stay calm. Take a deep breath, because we print and bind your compulsory and submission copies within 15 minutes.  

Last check
You can have a look at one copy on site before the remaining copies are printed. If you notice any errors on the cover page, in the index or in the content, these can still be corrected promptly.

Test print of graphics
If you would like to know how graphics look in print, you are welcome to print critical pages on site and adjust your files accordingly. 

Handling coloured pages
Our printing machine automatically recognises whether it is a colour or black-and-white page by the colour applied to the image or text.

If, for example, hyperlinks or headlines are not printed in colour, we recommend that you also print them in black.

Sorting on site can sometimes take time, so please allow a little extra for sorting.

At the last second?
Then simply use our express service, as we print in-house, we can produce your cards promptly.

How long does printing and binding take?
Printing and binding takes between 15 and 30 minutes and depends on various factors:

  • Workload of the machines
  • Complications of the PDF file
  • Number of pages and copies
  • Type of binding

Note when printing on both sides
Remember that the page numbers are on the outside or in the middle. Furthermore, note that you insert white pages if the title or other pages are to be single-sided.

Delivery until 24 hrs at night
We will be happy to arrange an appointment with you outside our opening hours, so that you can finish your work in peace and also hand it in at your leisure. Always remember to keep calm at all times. If you have any problems with formatting, we will be happy to help you with tips and tricks.

Any questions?
Our team is available at any time to answer any questions that may be lingering on your tongue.

If you have formatting problems, want to insert page numbers, the table of contents or other problems: we will be happy to help you.

In a short time you will receive your work ready for delivery, of course in durable quality.